5 Kitchen Staples For A Healthy Home

There are a number of great staple items to keep on hand for a nutrient dense dose of fuel. You know the things that happen to make their way into your diet (nearly) every day? Yeah, those. I thought I'd give you a few of my favorites in the name of "health". And while I try to go to the farmers market at least one a week (thank you for your bounty, California!), here are a couple of the items I buy in bulk from Thrive Market (or the local grocery store).


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are concentrated powerhouses of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It's no surprise they are one of the most popular foods in the health community. There are a number of studies that have shown their tremendous benefits for digestive health, heart health, and overall skin health (as the are high in antioxidants speeding up the skin's repair system). 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is one of the main reasons why the Mediterranean Diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. Keep it on hand to cook with, drizzle on top of things, or for a quick salad dressing (with a spritz of lemon!). I reccomennd getting cold pressed versions for the best flavor.



Beans are incredible little pods packed full of fiber and protein. Plus, they stay shelf stable for quite a while. Keep them around to toss in salads, make hummus or salsas, or even bean soups and stews. If I'm buying them dry, I generally try to soak them overnight before cooking to keep them nice and easy going through the digestive system. Totally not necessary, but my stomach definitely appreciates it. 


Coconut Butter

I'd say it's safe to say that I have coconut butter every morning. It's either accompanying my adaptogenics in my coffee (because you need the fat for the herbs to be absorbed!), or it's stirred into my buckwheat porridge. At times it's even the fat component in my "Fab Four" smoothie (four ingredients - fat, fiber, protein, greens). It also happens to be chalk full of lauric acid (boosting immunity) and iron (affecting brain function, hair, skin and nails).



And because we all need a little sweetness in our life, dark chocolate is always a great component to a healthy lifestyle. Not only does having a little bite help ward off going overboard into a tub of ice cream, but it provides powerful disease fighting polyphenols that have been associated with weight loss. I'm certainly not saying "eat chocolate, lose weight" but I do think it's wonderful to keep handy for when the sugar tooth bites. Try only consuming over 80% dark chocolate... and don't go overboard. Surprise, surprise. 


What are you favorites?